Mediation is a useful exercise in understanding another point of view and pursuing an outcome in a business-like way

Charging Policy

Global Mediation’s charging policy and fee structure has been designed to be as transparent and as straightforward as possible.

Dependent on your individual needs and requirements which will be discussed in confidence and without obligation, we quote a fixed price for all our services.

Once we have established how Global Mediation can help you resolve your particular dispute, we will be in a position to quote you a competitive fee that includes the following –

  • Initial guidance on mediation
  • Pre-mediation contact
  • Suitability screen
  • Allocation of an experienced Case Manager
  • Selection of a qualified and experienced independent mediator and, where appropriate, two co-mediators by your Case Manager
  • Professional services of an accredited mediator(s)
  • Mediator’s preparation
  • Simultaneous exchange of documents, if agreed by mutual consent, prior to the mediation
  • All logistical arrangements
  • Assistance with drafting the mediation agreement
  • Mediator’s travel expenses

For more information or clarification on Global Mediation’s charging policy, please call Debbie Coe on 0800 064 4488 or email