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Health and Safety

1. We will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of everyone involved in, or affected by, our work activities.

2. In managing health and safety, we will create a culture that ensures that sound health and safety management is afforded the same priority as other business objectives, and becomes an integral part of everything we do.

3. Whilst every employee has a personal responsibility to control and minimise risks present in their own activities, we recognise that responsibility for the organisation of health and safety issues rests with our management team.

4. We have therefore adopted a risk assessment approach to the management of health and safety issues rests with our management team.

5. In generating and maintaining our culture for health and safety, we will enrol the support and commitment of all stakeholders by:

 a. Allocating formal responsibilities in health and safety to our employees, suppliers and business partners.

b. Providing adequate budget for health and safety management

c. Appointing competent health and safety resource for deployment across Global Mediation

d. Providing appropriate health and safety training, this is supported by guidance and information

e. Monitoring, measuring, adjusting and reporting on our health and safety performance

f. Working closely with appropriate external agencies, and within our industry, to ensure our continued adoption of best-practice solutions in health and safety management.

6. We will publish and maintain a series of supporting policies and procedures detailing our Organisation and Arrangements for health and safety, and setting out our approved safe systems of work. These supporting policies and procedures represent an integral part of Health and Safety Policy.

7. Any action, no matter how slight, must be reported and entered into the Accident Report book.


Name of most Senior Manager     Adam Gersch

Role                                                 Managing Director

Date                                                 December 2015