The mediator allowed parties to have their say and despite emotion in the room gently and efficiently guided the process to keep things on track

Samihah Riaz

Team Leader

Samihah joined Global Mediation in January 2013 as a Case Manager. After graduating from Brunel University with a degree in History, she worked as a Learning Support Assistant in primary schools prior to joining the Global Mediation team.

As a Case Manager, Samihah is the initial point of contact for clients and her responsibilities encompass the explanation of the mediation process and the role Global Mediation plays in that process; acting as principal liaison between clients such as Local Authorities, parents, solicitors and the mediators themselves; arranging the mediation sessions including the assignation of suitable mediators, document preparation and ensuring there is an open and transparent dialogue between all parties that will lead to successful dispute resolution.

Global Mediation is one of the UK's leading mediation companies and offers a comprehensive service offering to clients of all sizes and complexities of dispute. In my short time here, it is clear how committed, dedicated and professional the staff are across all aspects of what they do.”

Samihah has one daughter, and in her spare time enjoys spending as much time with her family and friends as possible. She is an Arsenal FC fan and loves to take part in charity and fund-raising events.