A useful process in conflict cases


Life is not accumulation it is about contribution


“Life is not accumulation, it is about contribution”* What constitutes contribution in a relationship?  Whilst in the case of married couples, both financial and non-financial contributions, such as childrearing, are given...

Saving Costs


Probate costs are set to rise, with big money cases now incurring court fees of up to £20,000.  That’s a lot of money to pay, just to sort out family...

The Pre-emptive Strike


People often talk about “fighting” each other through divorce, over financial matters or arrangements about their children. Emotions run high and tensions rise, colouring their judgement, affecting their decisions. In order...

Mediation refreshes the parts


Do you remember the Heineken advert, which claims that its beer refreshes the parts which other beers cannot reach? Well…mediation is similar!   Neighbours are in dispute. One has obtained planning permission...

Can Mediators Dress For Success?


Unlike some professions and careers, a mediator does not have a specific uniform. However, does what a mediator wears potentially change an outcome?   There appears to be fairly limited guidance...

Building Bridges


Building bridges with apples, oranges, rhubarb and cheese   When discussing my profession, I’m often met with a comment similar to – ‘Wow, a Mediator! Your household must be very peaceful and...