Worth a try. Worked hard to try to achieve a settlement. Clear boundaries


What do you say when you've said 'hello'


The initial contact between a mediator and each party in mediation can have a significant impact on the course of the mediation from then on. Most people have not experienced a...

Try my shoes - not my digital profile


As I travel around the world, teaching mediation in Europe, Asia and Africa, I return from these experiences energised by the reception of so many “students” to the mediation process....

Setting them up to fail


As mediators, its our job to find acceptable ways forward for all parties in a dispute, and so it was quite a surprise recently when during my debrief with a...



What comes to mind when you think of the word 'negotiation'? For many, this word conjures up bargaining, the wrestle to do better than your opponent, the need to tightly control...

Top Ten Tips for People Attending Mediations


Agree on Small Things - If you can reach an agreement about anything, even that the weather has been terrible on the way to mediation, that may make it more...

Where's the magic in mediation?


Where’s the magic in mediation? It’s in helping disputants to listen. Listening helps us understand the perspective of the other side and is an essential ingredient in effective negotiation. Listening also...