Finance / Banking / HMRC

The banking and finance sector has come under the spotlight of consumers and regulators in recent years and has attracted a great deal of negative publicity that has led to an increase in disputes between parties.

Legislation and regulation in the banking and finance industry is exceptionally complex, perhaps more so than in any other sector, and because of this, disputes will inevitably arise.

There is a wide range of issues that Global Mediation’s team of industry-specific mediators have experience in, including –

Contract and policy disputes

  • Debt management and recovery
  • Professional and contributory negligence
  • Insurance claims
  • Loans and mortgages

Our aim is to facilitate a neutral, cost-effective and expedient settlement between the parties relating to all types of banking and finance disputes. Confidential mediation is particularly valued in this sector due to the sensitivity of the information being discussed.

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Examples of cases mediated

  • Dispute over alleged false trading
  • Alleged misrepresentation by applicant over a mortgage
  • Complex dispute involving allegations of VAT fraud
  • Conflict relating to the alleged mis-selling of equity release scheme to an elderly couple
  • Multi-handed dispute relating to a variety of credit card issuers and debtors
  • Dispute between a loan company and a consumer who failed to receive goods
  • $50m banking dispute relating to the tort of conspiracy to injure
  • A dispute arising out of loan payment defaults
  • A number of Finance House repossessions
  • Dispute between bank and client after reliance upon misleading mortgage information
  • A long-running tax dispute involving three years of miscommunications
  • Dispute as to responsibility and liability for late-paid taxes
  • Various disputes between financial institutions relating to market manipulation
  • Dispute over monies outstanding on commercial sales ledger financing facility secured by company and personal guarantees
  • Banking dispute concerning commercial loan with personal guarantee secured on private property
  • Dispute over sums outstanding on vehicle & plant financing agreements secured by directors' personal guarantees
  • Dispute over loan agreement incorporating equity release of a multi-million pound residential property
  • Dispute over monies advanced under residential mortgage with linked credit account borrowing involving allegations of negligence and fraud.

A dispute over alleged mis-selling of PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) in connection with a number of personal loans

Mediators that specialise in Finance / Banking / HMRC

Adam Gersch

Managing Director

Adam is Global Mediation\'s MD as well as Head of Argent Law Mediation Team. A criminal barrister, he established Global Mediation in 2001 and his ability to manage complex cases coupled with his personable approach, creativity and lateral thought processes is both respected and sought-after.

Agada Elachi


Agada is experienced in a wide range of mediations and his ability is enhanced and complimented by time spent on other areas of dispute resolution, including arbitration, negotiation and early neutral evaluation. His calm demeanour puts parties at ease, enabling positive dispute resolution.

Alan Newman QC


A highly experienced Queen\'s Counsel appointed in 1989 and Recorder Judge qualified to practise law in the USA, Alan is a very highly regarded and much sought after mediator with extensive experience across all forms of mediation, including complex and high profile cases in the UK and abroad.

Catherine Milsom


Catherine is a highly experienced criminal barrister with the ability to quickly identify and critically analyse the relevant issues. A skilled communicator, she is able to marshal evidence in support of arguments and successful outcomes and as such, her mediation skills are highly coveted.

Charles Horn


With an outstanding settlement rate of over 90% from more than 500 mediations, Charles is an advanced negotiation expert with multi-faceted mediation experience. Rather than evaluative or directive, his style is holistically reactive to the needs of the parties and their interactions with others.

Gareth Thompson


Gareth creates trust and confidence with his ability to get parties to \"buy in\" to the mediation process and to take ownership and responsibility for generating a successful outcome. He deals confidently with multi-layered personal dynamics and is highly skilled in managing diverse, complex issues.

Janick Fielding


Janick is an experienced barrister and possesses all the attributes required in a successful mediator. He believes in facilitative mediation as opposed to litigation and he can be relied upon to maintain focus, keep the mediation on track and will help the parties to find a successful resolution.

Jeremy Connell


Jeremy successfully manages the mediation process through a combination of acute listening and subtle yet effective intervention. He has an ability to quickly establish a constructive rapport with both parties in dispute through building trust and an unwavering commitment to dispute resolution.

Phillip Hackett QC


A leading Queen\'s Counsel, Phillip\'s renowned legal career allows him to provide incisive case analysis in highly complex disputes. He is adept at assisting in the amicable search for resolution and persuasively enables parties to overcome their differences in the most challenging circumstances.

Sally Thompson


Sally is a practising barrister who is highly coveted for her ability to achieve creative settlements in the most challenging of cases. Her approach is flexible and tailored to the individual requirements of each mediation and she looks for principled solutions to move towards a lasting resolution.