Fraud / Money Laundering

Global Mediation has mediated in a number of fraud and money laundering cases. Examples include –

  • A case involving a £1m international fraud. Fraudulent transactions originating in a shipping company in London traced via Germany, Russia and Cyprus
  • A number of cases involving allegations of cartel activity in the pharmaceuticals industry
  • A number of cases involving the allegations of fraudulent pension schemes
  • A number of cases where allegations of false accounting have been at the heart of the dispute between parties
  • A multi-party dispute where there were allegations of dishonest activity through the use of business syndicates
  • A dispute between two large financial institutions where there were allegations of fraud, money laundering and corruption
  • Various disputes between commercial parties where there have been allegations of bribery and corruption

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Mediators that specialise in Fraud / Money Laundering

Alan Newman QC


A highly experienced Queen\'s Counsel appointed in 1989 and Recorder Judge qualified to practise law in the USA, Alan is a very highly regarded and much sought after mediator with extensive experience across all forms of mediation, including complex and high profile cases in the UK and abroad.

Brian Lett QC


Appointed as Queen\'s Counsel in 2008, Brian is a vastly experienced criminal barrister and believes the key to success is hard work and preparation. His mediation style is patient and courteous and utilises his in-depth understanding of his cases to facilitate parties through the mediation process.

Catherine Milsom


Catherine is a highly experienced criminal barrister with the ability to quickly identify and critically analyse the relevant issues. A skilled communicator, she is able to marshal evidence in support of arguments and successful outcomes and as such, her mediation skills are highly coveted.

Elizabeth Lowe


A barrister and mediator with an analytical mind able to quickly and effectively process large amounts of information, Elizabeth explores, under time constraints and often difficult circumstances, key issues in dispute and asks the questions that elicit the most positive outcomes for all parties.

Phillip Hackett QC


A leading Queen\'s Counsel, Phillip\'s renowned legal career allows him to provide incisive case analysis in highly complex disputes. He is adept at assisting in the amicable search for resolution and persuasively enables parties to overcome their differences in the most challenging circumstances.