Probate and estate disputes can be amongst the most emotive, difficult and expensive cases to resolve. When dealing with the division of wealth, family dynamics will often combine with emotion, misunderstanding and legal complexities to create a wide variety of challenging situations and competing interests.

Legal resolutions are rarely ideal, consuming large amounts of money and extending the dispute over a lengthy period and in most cases, the underlying issues are not addressed.

Mediation offers parties a valuable opportunity to reach a solution without wasting valuable resources and prolonging disputes and assists by exploring all possible options. It also gives you an opportunity to restore relationships and arrive at solutions beyond the reach of legal remedy.

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Examples of cases mediated

  • Dispute between family and estate following large charitable bequest
  • Conflict between family members over ownerships of chattels of sentimental value
  • Dispute between beneficiaries of estate of deceased and deceased’s husband who had amended the will before the death of the deceased
  • Case concerning family trust and payment of legal fees
  • A number of Family Inheritance Act claims
  • A multi-party disputes with foreign claimants
  • A number of beneficiary actions against executors
  • A number of mediations involving inheritance issues where there were dependent adults
  • An inheritance dispute over a farm between a mother and her daughters
  • Dispute between family members (adult son/current partner of deceased) regarding the Will and division of Estate
  • Inheritance Act dispute arising out of claim by disinherited relative under disability.
  • Dispute between estate executors and non-beneficiaries for return of estate property or damages in lieu following unauthorised seizure and sale - additional dispute over burial arrangements
  • Contested will within context of action re: administration of estate with property overseas
  • Dispute arising out of administration of deceased business assets

Mediators that specialise in Probate

Charles Horn


With an outstanding settlement rate of over 90% from more than 500 mediations, Charles is an advanced negotiation expert with multi-faceted mediation experience. Rather than evaluative or directive, his style is holistically reactive to the needs of the parties and their interactions with others.

Edward Culver


A practising barrister, Edward works hard to make the atmosphere during mediation as conducive to constructive dialogue as possible, making sure that each party can participate and contribute fully, enabling all areas of disagreement and conflict to come to a mutually agreeable resolution.

Gareth Thompson


Gareth creates trust and confidence with his ability to get parties to \"buy in\" to the mediation process and to take ownership and responsibility for generating a successful outcome. He deals confidently with multi-layered personal dynamics and is highly skilled in managing diverse, complex issues.

Jane Elias


Jane is a highly qualified and vastly experienced mediator who takes an authoritative yet empathetic approach, helping to facilitate communication between disputing parties. Her aim is to move clients from a position of confrontation to one of confidence, always looking for a win/win resolution.

Jeff Lermer


A chartered accountant and NLP Master Practitioner, Jeff?s mediation style is rooted in a just and reasonable approach to solving problems. He understands that he is simply the facilitator to help to resolve often complex differences but the solution must come from the parties involved.

Julia Smart


As a collaborative lawyer, Julia is highly experienced in facilitating clients looking to find resolution through negotiation and settlement. Her approach to mediation is flexible and she ensures both parties use diplomacy and open communication and explore all possible options for resolution.

Roy Poyntz


Roy is a highly qualified mediator and business leader who quickly builds rapport with parties. He is experienced in solution-focused as well as relational repair mediation styles and seeks to put parties in control and engage them as experts while maintain a relaxed sense of humour and humanity.

Sally Ruthen


With legal and psychological experience, Sally is a reputable and successful mediator who approaches each case with versatility and confidence. She quickly appreciates the issues, needs and interests of both parties and projects a positive outlook enabling them to settle their disputes fairly.