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Boundary Disputes

Disputes concerning property boundaries are almost always personal, they can be bitterly contested and in addition, they can lead to the irreparable breakdown of the trust and relationships you have nurtured over many years with your neighbours.

Disputes of this nature can also potentially reduce the value of your home as your most vital asset and can negatively affect your quality of life and in some cases, your health. Plans, conveyances and property deeds are often out of date and not as accurate as they ought to be and the conflict between neighbours can easily escalate beyond what is deemed reasonable.

Global Mediation’s team of experienced and skilled mediators will focus on an outcome to the dispute that not only pleases both parties and offers the ‘correct’ outcome, they will pay particular attention to mediating the ‘best’ outcome. This is the result takes into account a satisfactory resolution both parties can agree to and the interpersonal issues that have manifested themselves as a result of the dispute.

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Examples of cases mediated

  • A boundary wall dispute
  • Dispute between two neighbouring landowners concerning boundaries. The boundary issues were largely resolved by the time of the mediation, but substantial legal costs remained in dispute
  • Dispute between neighbours which started as a dispute about a boundary hedge, but had escalated into a neighbour dispute involving allegations of abuse and swearing, and which caused the parties to express extreme emotions during the mediation
  • Dispute between two neighbours about a lengthy boundary on rural land, involving expert surveyors who attended the mediation in an attempt to resolve expert issues
  • Claim for damages for trespass and consequential damage to property due to encroachment by neighbour's extension
  • Claim for damages for trespass, loss of amenity & re-instatement after tree felled by neighbour on disputed boundary


Mediators that specialise in Boundary Disputes

Gareth Thompson


Gareth creates trust and confidence with his ability to get parties to \"buy in\" to the mediation process and to take ownership and responsibility for generating a successful outcome. He deals confidently with multi-layered personal dynamics and is highly skilled in managing diverse, complex issues.

Sally Thompson


Sally is a practising barrister who is highly coveted for her ability to achieve creative settlements in the most challenging of cases. Her approach is flexible and tailored to the individual requirements of each mediation and she looks for principled solutions to move towards a lasting resolution.