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Your property, whether it’s your home, shop, office or commercial premises is usually the most expensive asset you hold. Disputes including rights of way, myriad construction and building issues, restrictive covenants, ownership or planning permission have the habit of becoming protracted over many years, prohibitively expensive, deeply entrenched and damaging to long-term relationships and local neighbourhood or community relations.

Global Mediation works with businesses, individuals, public sector agencies and other interested stakeholders to reach settlements to which all concerned parties can agree and move forward. Our mediators are experienced in consulting with surveyors, environmental officers and architects and we work closely with the parties to focus on the issues at hand and then identify solutions that are practical and mutually beneficial.

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Examples of cases mediated

  • Family property dispute over ownership
  • Claim for payment for services by sub-contractor from property developer
  • Breach of contract and dispute between property owner and contractor for property refurbishment and extension
  • Dispute over termination of leasehold of commercial property
  • Boundary dispute between two housing association tenants with allegations of racism and discrimination against management of the housing association
  • A dispute relating to a claim for adverse possession of land
  • A number of disputes where there has been a trespass claim.
  • A number of cases involving nuisance
  • A number of disputes where parties had boundary issues
  • A dispute where parties raised the issue of promissory estoppel
  • A boundary dispute between neighbours, which also involved issues of racial harassment
  • A dispute over a right of way
  • Claim involving unlawful eviction, loss and damage and sexual harassment
  • A £400,000 claim against contractors for fire damage to real property
  • A protracted dispute between a housing authority and a long-term tenant
  • Claim in excess of £500,000 against an insurance company for failure to meet a buildings subsidence claim in dispute for nearly ten years
  • Disagreement between neighbours over right of way in the rear gardens
  • A number of conflicts between neighbours
  • Numerous neighbour disputes usually involving issues of noise, parking, shouting and abuse etc.
  • Dispute between landowners regarding cost of past and future upkeep of right of way, involving the possibility of entering into a Deed of Release
  • Dispute between neighbours regarding a Party Wall Award, legal costs were the main issue at mediation
  • Dispute between commercial landlord and tenant which raised issues of statutory compensation and dilapidations following ending of tenancy; both parties were unrepresented at the mediation
  • Dispute between estate agency and property developers over commission on sale of country property valued at several million pounds
  • Various disputes arising from residential subsidence
  • Dispute over repairs following forfeiture of lease
  • Dispute arising from damage caused to a commercial property on termination of the lease
  • A case involving a vulnerable male adult in conflict with his neighbours, which resulted in deliberate self-harm, threats of violence and involvement of the police over several months

Mediators that specialise in Property

Adam Gersch

Managing Director

Adam is Global Mediation\'s MD as well as Head of Argent Law Mediation Team. A criminal barrister, he established Global Mediation in 2001 and his ability to manage complex cases coupled with his personable approach, creativity and lateral thought processes is both respected and sought-after.

Agada Elachi


Agada is experienced in a wide range of mediations and his ability is enhanced and complimented by time spent on other areas of dispute resolution, including arbitration, negotiation and early neutral evaluation. His calm demeanour puts parties at ease, enabling positive dispute resolution.

Charles Horn


With an outstanding settlement rate of over 90% from more than 500 mediations, Charles is an advanced negotiation expert with multi-faceted mediation experience. Rather than evaluative or directive, his style is holistically reactive to the needs of the parties and their interactions with others.

David Hines


David is an experienced SEN mediator with an in-depth knowledge of the needs of parents and children. He works hard to ensure all parties can speak and be listened to and constantly looks for results by exercising patience, persistence and a positive outlook in the face of potential difficulties.

Edward Culver


A practising barrister, Edward works hard to make the atmosphere during mediation as conducive to constructive dialogue as possible, making sure that each party can participate and contribute fully, enabling all areas of disagreement and conflict to come to a mutually agreeable resolution.

Ewan Malcolm


An experienced mediator who has worked internationally, Ewan encourages co-operation in joint problem solving and uses a wide range of sophisticated mediation strategies to effect resolution. His courteous manner compliments his tenacity and patience with parties looking to find agreeable solutions.

Gareth Thompson


Gareth creates trust and confidence with his ability to get parties to \"buy in\" to the mediation process and to take ownership and responsibility for generating a successful outcome. He deals confidently with multi-layered personal dynamics and is highly skilled in managing diverse, complex issues.

Jane Elias


Jane is a highly qualified and vastly experienced mediator who takes an authoritative yet empathetic approach, helping to facilitate communication between disputing parties. Her aim is to move clients from a position of confrontation to one of confidence, always looking for a win/win resolution.

Jane Gunn


An internationally regarded mediator, Jane has a natural affinity with users of mediation and provides valuable insight and wisdom into how to identify and manage conflict before it escalates. She tests parties? positions using diplomacy skills and reality checking as encouragement to settle.

Jeremy Connell


Jeremy successfully manages the mediation process through a combination of acute listening and subtle yet effective intervention. He has an ability to quickly establish a constructive rapport with both parties in dispute through building trust and an unwavering commitment to dispute resolution.

Jim Campbell


An elected City Councillor, Jim has an ability to adapt his style dependent on the type of dispute he is mediating. He takes a carefully focused approach and uses his skills to diffuse often emotionally charged disagreements so that both parties can explore all possible solutions to their dispute.

Julia Smart


As a collaborative lawyer, Julia is highly experienced in facilitating clients looking to find resolution through negotiation and settlement. Her approach to mediation is flexible and she ensures both parties use diplomacy and open communication and explore all possible options for resolution.

Martha Monday


Martha has extensive mediation experience, having been mediating on a regular basis since 1998. She practised simultaneously as a family law barrister for 16 years, but has recently resigned from the Bar to concentrate upon her mediation practice, preferring the investigative, empowering and non-adversarial approach offered by this process of dispute resolution. Assisted by her honed listening and negotiation skills, she has an exceptional track record of successful mediations. Martha conveys a degree of empathy, whilst remaining alert to the needs of all parties to find fair, practical solutions

Richard Watkins


A highly skilled mediator who takes a diplomatic approach to sensitive situations and has the skills to mediate challenging cases that have sensitive or pressured time constraints. By maintaining a sense of calm through the process, both parties can find an agreeable resolution to their dispute.

Roy Poyntz


Roy is a highly qualified mediator and business leader who quickly builds rapport with parties. He is experienced in solution-focused as well as relational repair mediation styles and seeks to put parties in control and engage them as experts while maintain a relaxed sense of humour and humanity.

Sally Ruthen


With legal and psychological experience, Sally is a reputable and successful mediator who approaches each case with versatility and confidence. She quickly appreciates the issues, needs and interests of both parties and projects a positive outlook enabling them to settle their disputes fairly.

Sally Thompson


Sally is a practising barrister who is highly coveted for her ability to achieve creative settlements in the most challenging of cases. Her approach is flexible and tailored to the individual requirements of each mediation and she looks for principled solutions to move towards a lasting resolution.