Fun facts about Global Mediation

Fun facts about Global Mediation

Our credentials

  • Our commercial settlement rate is 89% and 90% in SEN cases – the highest measured for any provider in the UK
  • Since incorporation on 11th August 1999 we have completed 3,436 days’ work, in other words a total of 27,488 hours
  • Our mediators have received from us a combined total of over 8,000 hours’ training
  • We have combined mediation experience of 824.25 years

Cost benefits of cases mediated

  • Since we started we have helped save legal costs and expenses, estimated at £5.2 million in SEN cases, and £22.75 million for commercial cases – a total of £27.9 million
  • Our rate of costs savings is £8,134.46 per day or £1,018.63 per hour

But what about a work/life balance? We need to have some breaks….

Cups of tea/coffee

  • We have consumed an estimated 30,924 staff cups of tea/coffee, for support staff: 92,772, directors a humble 5,154, parties to mediation 7,800 and at training days 2,940
  • Total teas/coffees consumed since we started: 139,590
  • Accordingly when you stop to boil the kettle, just think – we have helped to save our clients an estimated £199.87

The future….


  • Since our own inception, our team has produced 11 babies
  • Each baby represents a cost saving to our clients of just over £2.5 million
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