Bullying in the workplace

Bullying is a growing trend in UK workplaces, with more than two million reported victims, an associated loss of 19 million working days per year and anti-bullying policies overlooked by more than four out of 10 employers.

But now the North London-based company Global Mediation has suggested that many cases of bullying could be resolved by mediation, a positive dispute resolution process that uses a neutral third party to facilitate a settlement.

Global Mediation, established in 1999 by local barrister Adam Gersch, has a panel of experienced workplace and employment mediators with a strong track record of success in helping people in dispute to find a way through the most difficult of circumstances.

The company also offers training to help employers prevent and deal with the impact of bullying in the workplace.

‘Bullied employees suffer low morale, which leads to poor performance, break-up of teams and stress-related illness, often at considerable cost to employers’, says Gersch.’

The latest statistics on bullying show that:

  • More than two million employees complain of bullying

  • 18.9 million working days are lost each year as a direct result of bullying

  • 44% of employers have no anti-bullying policies in place

  • 82% of personnel workers say management weakness is to blame for the bullying culture

‘Sometimes bullying is part of an organisation’s culture,’ explains Adam Gersch, ‘and at others it can be about one individual using controlling behaviour toward one or more fellow employees.

‘The point is, though, that these problems can be addressed, and mediation is a great way to challenge bullying behaviour, heal wounds and build trust in a confidential, supportive environment.’

If you think mediation could be the answer to your workplace problem, you can contact Global Mediation on 020 8441 1355.

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