The Pre-emptive Strike

People often talk about “fighting” each other through divorce, over financial matters or arrangements about their children. Emotions run high and tensions rise, colouring their judgement, affecting their decisions.

In order to pre-empt this, to consider matters in a calm and measured manner, increasingly, family members are turning to mediation to discuss issues BEFORE they are in a conflict situation.  Mediation can help couples with the formulation and content of prenuptial agreements, so that they are each clear as to where they stand if issues arise in the future.

Many couples shy away from the thought of things possibly going wrong and the last thing they want to do whilst engaged to be married is to sit down in a solicitors’ office and talk about their assets in a clinical way.  Mediation offers the opportunity for a confidential, informal discussion at a neutral venue, with an impartial third party there to ensure the conversation is even-handed and is conducted fairly.

In mediating, the participants are the decision-makers.  Nothing is imposed on them, and legal rights are not affected.

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