Using Mediation to Resolve Clinical Negligence

Clinical negligence includes negligence that’s in relation to medication, treatment delays, wrongful diagnosis, dentistry, psychiatry, psychotherapy and counseling. Negligence is a breach of legal duty of care owned to one person by another that results in damage/medical implications to that person.

Clinical negligence cases always have a emotional content which typically lies in the centre of the dispute and has an considerable impact on it. Sensitive management of the mediation process by a skilled mediator means that the patients or their family can talk directly to a healthcare professional or hospital manager in a safe environment for all parties.

Using a mediation service increases scope and possibility for settlement and provides a more dynamic environment to facilitate negotiations. It gives the patients or their family an opportunity to play a role in finding the resolution they need.

Please see our example mediation cases below –

  • A claim for care and treatment of a psychiatric patient.
  • A claim for loss and injury due to post-operative infection.
  • A claim for loss of baby at delivery.
  • A claim relating to trauma and infection following abortion.
  • A claim involving out-of-hours service and treatment of a cancer patient.
  • Claim due to abusive member of staff following death of mother from cancer.
  • Dispute between dental practitioner and Primary Care Trust regarding NHS contract and payment.
  • Dispute between GP practice and Primary Care Trust regarding payment.
  • A number of conciliated disputes between patients and primary care providers (GPs and dental practitioners) involving various issues.

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