Global Mediation offers a wide range of commercial and financial mediation services.

We can offer accredited mediators with extensive business experience, skilled at helping parties resolve their disputes and formulate workable, mutually acceptable agreements.

From the simplest contractual issue to the most complex, engrained financial or corporate dispute,Global is able to assist.

We have experience in the following:

  • Business & Commercial Mediation
  • Finance, Banking & HMRC Mediation
  • Fraud & Money Laundering Mediation
  • Insurance & Reinsurance Mediation
  • Tax & Trusts Mediation

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Business / Commercial / Contracts

It’s in the nature of business that disputes will often happen and if they’re not dealt with quickly and efficiently, escalations occur. When this happens, parties can find themselves embroiled in protracted and prohibitively expensive litigation that can take years to resolve and could have a catastrophic effect on your business.

Litigation is compulsory and is based on a clear winner and clear loser, whereas mediation is a voluntary process that focuses on a workable agreement that is of mutual benefit to both parties, whether your dispute is with a partner, supplier, contractor or another trading party.

Global Mediation’s skilled and experienced mediators, all of whom have practical business experience work with both parties to facilitate an agreement to your dispute that remains confidential and free of unwanted publicity. They will also work towards rebuilding trust and business relationships that have been nurtured of a long period of time.

The benefits of mediation over going to court are significant, both in financial terms and also in terms of your ongoing business relationships and industry reputation.

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Examples of cases mediated

  • Dispute between a customer and telephone provider over unauthorised usage
  • Vehicle hire company conflict relating to the damage of a car in transit
  • Claim arising from the liquidation of large furniture company
  • Breach of contract for supply of goods
  • Termination of contract dispute
  • Breach of contract for aircraft leasing agreement
  • Breach of contract for the supply of goods and services for new properties
  • Contract dispute over refurbishment work and non payment on residential property
  • Breach of contract claim between property developer and sub-contractor
  • Family business breakdown and distribution of assets
  • Breach of contract for the supply and distribution of software and maintenance agreement
  • Renegotiation of multi-party research and development agreement including protection, intellectual property rights and ownership and payment of royalties
  • Contract claim over disputed royalty payment by publisher to copyright owner
  • Renegotiation of software development and maintenance services agreement
  • Multi million pound tracing claim
  • £100m international oil trading fraud
    Dispute arising from the privilege of self-incrimination
  • Dispute involving a firm of estate agents and allegations of secret commissions
  • A case involving the dispute over statutory limitation period
  • Dispute about whether a company premium charged in respect of matters other than risk of liability for costs by an underwriter could be recoverable
  • A dispute relating to winding up
  • A dispute about the locus of creditors to present petitions on just and equitable grounds
  • A dispute about whether a disqualification order under the Companies Directors Disqualification Act 1986 was valid
  • A disagreement about the interpretation of the Insolvency Rules 1986
  • Various disputes between commissioners and contractors
  • Commercial litigation case involving IT problems and a national service provider
  • Dispute over attempted start up of internet business on availability of 24 hours services in a local area
  • A disagreement arising out of trading terms
  • A dispute between businesses over material quality
  • A dispute involving unpaid commission/royalties
  • A disagreement between parties about marketing support
  • A disagreement between parties about a franchise & distribution issue
  • Contract disputes between local authority and government commissioners
  • Dispute over ownership of various properties in a portfolio valued at over £11m
  • Dispute over ownership of business and family home following the break-up of a relationship
  • Dispute over finance and properties following the break-up of a family business
  • Multi-party dispute between board members regarding the performance of a Director
  • Claim for unpaid invoices for work carried out by PR agency
  • Claim for termination of leasing agreement for computer equipment
  • Dispute involving costs and liability for damages after difficulties arising from the actions of a removal firm.
  • Post-divorce solution to financial problems caused through the international dissipation of assets
  • Disagreement involving system for the fair retention of information in a complex employment environment
  • A £150,000 claim over the termination of a regional sales concession
  • Customer claim of £70,000 and counterclaim of £130,000
  • A dispute over a private financial claim
  • Board and shareholder issues in a developing international company
  • A dispute within a social housing maintenance company involving three parties
  • A breach of trust concerning company shares
  • A dispute between the CEO and a director concerning moral and commercial judgement
  • Dispute between charterer of private jets and lighting company regarding contract
  • Dispute between recruitment consultant and small employer regarding recruitment fee
  • Dispute between hotel and heating and plumbing installers regarding alleged faulty installation
  • Business disputing cost of private jet charter, believing it had been provided on a free trial basis; no legal costs yet incurred, but parties took matter very personally and feelings were running very high at mediation.
  • Telephone mediation to resolve small claim by a couple against a national holiday company, with allegations that holiday not as described in brochure etc
  • Dispute about an employee recommended by a recruitment consultant, and the terms of the contract and fee payable upon the appointment, which did not work out
  • Dispute between homeowners and double glazing installers regarding alleged faulty installation, and non-payment of invoices
  • Commercial dispute over consultancy agreement with firm overseas
  • Commercial dispute over claim for breaches in performance of contract for repair and re-fit to commercial fishing vessel
  • Contractual dispute over provision of web marketing services to company dealing in manufacture and supply of household goods
  • Commercial dispute arising from action for recovery of monies under contract for provision of security services
  • Dispute concerning supply of parts for high-precision fibre optic products manufactured to customer specification
  • Dispute between Beauty Salon and Beauty Therapist alleging breach of restrictive covenant against competition
  • Contractual dispute over commercial consultancy fees
  • Contractual dispute concerning commission payments for provision of recruitment consultancy
  • 3-way commercial dispute between landlord, credit referencing agency & residential agents over provision of credit reference for defaulting tenants
  • Dispute between surveyor and a construction company for unpaid professional fees
  • Dispute over professional fees claimed by solicitors instructed in relation to SENDIST tribunal
  • Various disputes arising from repairing and other contractual obligations in business tenancies
  • Dispute arising from contracts to provide accountancy and audit services
  • Various disputes arising from contracts to organise conferences or events

Finance / Banking / HMRC

The banking and finance sector has come under the spotlight of consumers and regulators in recent years and has attracted a great deal of negative publicity that has led to an increase in disputes between parties.

Legislation and regulation in the banking and finance industry is exceptionally complex, perhaps more so than in any other sector, and because of this, disputes will inevitably arise.

There is a wide range of issues that Global Mediation’s team of industry-specific mediators have experience in, including –

Contract and policy disputes

  • Debt management and recovery
  • Professional and contributory negligence
  • Insurance claims
  • Loans and mortgages

Our aim is to facilitate a neutral, cost-effective and expedient settlement between the parties relating to all types of banking and finance disputes. Confidential mediation is particularly valued in this sector due to the sensitivity of the information being discussed.

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Examples of cases mediated

  • Dispute over alleged false trading
  • Alleged misrepresentation by applicant over a mortgage
  • Complex dispute involving allegations of VAT fraud
  • Conflict relating to the alleged mis-selling of equity release scheme to an elderly couple
  • Multi-handed dispute relating to a variety of credit card issuers and debtors
  • Dispute between a loan company and a consumer who failed to receive goods
  • $50m banking dispute relating to the tort of conspiracy to injure
  • A dispute arising out of loan payment defaults
  • A number of Finance House repossessions
  • Dispute between bank and client after reliance upon misleading mortgage information
  • A long-running tax dispute involving three years of miscommunications
  • Dispute as to responsibility and liability for late-paid taxes
  • Various disputes between financial institutions relating to market manipulation
  • Dispute over monies outstanding on commercial sales ledger financing facility secured by company and personal guarantees
  • Banking dispute concerning commercial loan with personal guarantee secured on private property
  • Dispute over sums outstanding on vehicle & plant financing agreements secured by directors’ personal guarantees
  • Dispute over loan agreement incorporating equity release of a multi-million pound residential property
  • Dispute over monies advanced under residential mortgage with linked credit account borrowing involving allegations of negligence and fraud.

A dispute over alleged mis-selling of PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) in connection with a number of personal loans

Fraud / Money Laundering

Global Mediation has mediated in a number of fraud and money laundering cases. Examples include –

  • A case involving a £1m international fraud. Fraudulent transactions originating in a shipping company in London traced via Germany, Russia and Cyprus
  • A number of cases involving allegations of cartel activity in the pharmaceuticals industry
  • A number of cases involving the allegations of fraudulent pension schemes
  • A number of cases where allegations of false accounting have been at the heart of the dispute between parties
  • A multi-party dispute where there were allegations of dishonest activity through the use of business syndicates
  • A dispute between two large financial institutions where there were allegations of fraud, money laundering and corruption
  • Various disputes between commercial parties where there have been allegations of bribery and corruption

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Insurance / Reinsurance

Global Mediation has mediated in a number of insurance and reinsurance cases. Examples include a case involving a disagreement about the extent of an insurer’s liability, civil claims for damages out of road traffic accidents and an insurance dispute concerning substantial claim under life assurance policy for critical illness cover following a stroke and the onset of epilepsy.

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Tax & Trusts

The law relating to tax and trusteeships is incredibly complex and from time to time, it is inevitable issues and arguments between one or more parties will arise. Disputes of this nature are often between family members and litigation through the court system is rarely the best option for a successful, mutually agreeable outcome.

Global Mediation works with trustees, beneficiaries and executors to resolve tax, trust and estate disputes sensitively, expediently and cost-efficiently. Our highly-skilled team of mediators are experienced in handling detailed disputes, including those for high net worth individuals, both in England and Wales and also tax, trust and estate disputes that cross borders and involve multi-jurisdictions.

For more information on Global Mediation’s tax and trusts mediation service, please contact us or request a callback by completing the form on the right.

Examples of cases mediated

  • £26m constructive trusts claim where there was a disagreement between the parties surrounding the privilege of self-incrimination
  • A dispute between a government body and an individual regarding the seizure of computer hard drives
  • A case involving the taxation of solicitor’s costs
  • A number of constructive and resulting trust property claims
  • Multi-party dispute relating to trust funds valued at £200m
  • Claim against a solicitor for breach of duty of care regarding a trust fund valued at £300,000
  • Construction claim regarding damage to a property held in trust
  • A dispute between a government body and a commercial party whereby the government body made attempts to challenge the domicile of offshore companies