Global Mediation has mediated in a number of international cases. Examples include –

  • International commercial disagreement involving disclosure of documents by a bank
  • A case about unfair dismissal from work in Mauritius
  • A dispute about the compulsory land acquisition for resettlement subsequent to a volcanic eruption in Montserrat
  • A dispute about the validity of a government grant of a lease to a bank in Antigua
  • A dispute about the validity of restrictive covenants befitting a hotel in Jamaica
  • A banking case relating to duty of care of a customer in Hong Kong
  • A long running reinsurance dispute in Bermuda
  • A dispute between a multinational manufacturer and a Portuguese distributor over termination of an exclusive distribution agreement
  • Claim against a private banker and adviser for repayment of monies paid to him, totalling more than £300,000 including interest and legal costs
  • Various commercial disputes involving financial institutions and corporate services in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and the Caribbean

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