Public Sector / Local Authorities

Over the last decade, there has been a steady rise in claims against public sector bodies and local authorities, both internally and from the public. In a climate of financial constraints and economic cutbacks, the costs associated with disputes can be extremely high.

Mediation offers a cost-effective route to dispute resolution without the need for expensive and lengthy litigation and is conducted without prejudice.  Due to its confidential nature, mediation also protects parties from unwanted media exposure.

Global Mediation’s team of specialist public sector mediators work with government, local authority and public sector bodies as well as with individuals, business and organisations engaged with the public sector. Acting as independent neutrals, we help promote new ideas and creative answers for the resolution of your dispute as well as rebuilding relationships and trust.

For more information on Global Mediation’s public sector and Local Authority mediation services, please contact us.

Examples of cases mediated

  • Management conflict between Headteacher and Local Authority
    Dispute over the speech therapy provision by a Local Authority
  • Devised and set up SEN Mediation scheme for 22 Local Authorities.
  • Dispute between employee and line manager which led to the resignation of employee
    Breakdown in communication between two senior department heads and a junior employee
  • Claim for compensation for injuries sustained by a pupil against local authority
  • A claim against a government agency for wrongful arrest, unlawful detention and malicious prosecution
  • Dispute between a family and a local authority