Tax & Trusts

The law relating to tax and trusteeships is incredibly complex and from time to time, it is inevitable issues and arguments between one or more parties will arise. Disputes of this nature are often between family members and litigation through the court system is rarely the best option for a successful, mutually agreeable outcome.

Global Mediation works with trustees, beneficiaries and executors to resolve tax, trust and estate disputes sensitively, expediently and cost-efficiently. Our highly-skilled team of mediators are experienced in handling detailed disputes, including those for high net worth individuals, both in England and Wales and also tax, trust and estate disputes that cross borders and involve multi-jurisdictions.

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Examples of cases mediated

  • £26m constructive trusts claim where there was a disagreement between the parties surrounding the privilege of self-incrimination
  • A dispute between a government body and an individual regarding the seizure of computer hard drives
  • A case involving the taxation of solicitor’s costs
  • A number of constructive and resulting trust property claims
  • Multi-party dispute relating to trust funds valued at £200m
  • Claim against a solicitor for breach of duty of care regarding a trust fund valued at £300,000
  • Construction claim regarding damage to a property held in trust
  • A dispute between a government body and a commercial party whereby the government body made attempts to challenge the domicile of offshore companies