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Nigel Barr

Core Team

‘Nigel’s style was informal but firm and he was able to convey each party’s position to the other in a relaxed but informed way.’

Nigel has been on the Global Mediation Panel as an accredited mediator since 2013.

Nigel is recognised as an accredited SEND Mediator and is also an ADR Group Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator (2013) with dual qualification giving him accreditation of The International Academy of Dispute Resolution and the Civil Mediation Council.

Nigel’s business experience spans 40 years and has involved manufacturing and property companies as well as a long career negotiating contracts in the music industry.  He has worked with numerous artists in the music business including Michael Nyman, Robbie Williams, Paul McCartney and Michael Bublé, and, he has been responsible for contract negotiation and dispute avoidance internationally within the film, record and publishing industries. His ability to help settle disputes and negotiate solutions has helped establish him as a senior music consultant dealing with multi-national companies and individuals.

Nigel has over 500 Mediations under his belt with a high settlement rate.  He offers excellent skills during mediation including tough questioning and reality testing.  He has experience in contractual disputes, copyright, intellectual property and SEND mediation.

Based in Buckinghamshire Nigel is within easy reach of London and available to travel anywhere in the UK and internationally.


For all enquiries, please e-mail and one of our experienced team will get back to you.

Nigel Barr