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Prof. Irvine Gersch

Emeritus Professor Irvine Gersch is the past Director of Programmes in Educational and Child Psychology at the University of East London. Prior to this, he worked as a teacher, an educational psychologist and for more than 15 years as Principal Educational Psychologist for the London Borough of Waltham Forest. He has been on the board of Global Mediation since the company’s inception and now works as a Consultant.

He is widely published on subjects including systemic work in schools; Listening to children, behaviour management; parenting; mediation and conciliation in special educational needs and post-traumatic and critical incidents.

Global Mediation offers each client a much faster and more cost-effective solution to dispute resolution and avoids an adversarial approach; the company is a leaning organization, which takes feedback seriously in order to achieve continuous improvement.

  • Served on the Government Committee on the Future of Educational Psychology in England, culminating in a report in 2000
  • In 2005 he served as the educational psychologist advisor to the National Audit Office into an investigation of failing schools in England, which led to a detailed report in 2006
  • He was awarded the BPS Annual Award for Distinguished Contributions to Applied Psychology in 2000, and a Professorial Chair at UEL in 2000
  • He is a Chartered Educational Psychologist and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society
  • In 2016 he received the award of Distinguished Contribution to Educational Psychology for outstanding contributions to professional practice


Whilst Principal Educational Psychologist for the London Borough of Waltham Forest he pioneered one of the first conciliation services in the UK, and gave many national presentations, keynotes and talks about this venture, which led to the publication of ‘Resolving disagreement in Special Educational Needs: A practical guide to conciliation and mediation’ by RoutledgeFalmer in 2003. He thus gained enormous experience in working in the area of special needs.

He provides consultation, training, quality assurance and staff support for the directors, mediators and administrative team at Global Mediation. He is the designated Safeguarding Officer for the company.

Irvine loves the theatre, cinema, reading, philosophy, politics, music and walking.


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Prof. Irvine Gersch