Landlord & Tenant

Disputes often arise between landlords and tenants on issues surrounding rent, disrepair, rights, obligations, deposits and service charges and a litigious route to working out differences leads to spiralling costs, loss of income and potentially homelessness.

A swift and cost-effective resolution to disputes between landlord and tenant is of benefit to both parties and Global Mediation’s team of experienced, accredited mediators offer both parties a mutually satisfactory outcome to all types of landlord and tenant disputes that affect the landlord’s investment opportunities and the tenant’s livelihood, business and residential interests.

Working with our mediators greatly enhances the potential for a mutually beneficial result for all parties concerned and focuses attention on keeping the channels of communication open and rebuilding trust and relationships.

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Examples of cases mediated

  • Dispute over repairs following forfeiture of lease
  • Dispute arising from damage caused to a commercial property on termination of the lease.
  • Case involving squatters exercising rights of occupation
  • Differences between a UK defendant and the US Department of Justice
  • Conflict between the UK government and US Authority concerning disclosure of evidence
  • A complaint by a tenant to a housing association over the level of their response to the tenant’s complaints about a neighbour’s behaviour
  • A dispute between a Local Authority and a tenant who was claiming discrimination in relation to the quality of accommodation provided for the tenant’s level of disability
  • A number of disagreements regarding rent arrears
  • A number of disputes between the landlord and tenants over the responsibility of damage caused to the properties
  • Dispute between tenants and landlords regarding non-payment of rent and damage to property
  • Disputed claim over damage deposit
  • Dispute over damage deposit and termination of lease
  • A number of cases where the central dispute landlords’ claims for repossession due to tenants’ rent arrears
  • A claim for damages for loss of value and loss of use
  • A number of disagreements involving fitness for habitation surrenders; section 146 notices
  • A number of disagreements between tenants and Local Authorities
  • Dispute involving a commercial lease and a dilapidation report
  • Commercial property dispute between leaseholders and public sector landlord concerning properties let through local authority nomination.
  • Landlord’s claim for dilapidations and rental arrears against professional partnership lessee of commercial office premises
  • A number of landlord & tenant disputes concerning public and private sector residential tenancies with issues of rent arrears, service charges; maintenance obligations; disrepair & other breaches of tenancy agreements
  • Landlord & tenant dispute concerning damages claim for wrongful eviction from residential premises
  • Landlord & tenant dispute over residential tenancy of country property
  • Local Authority possession claim with issues of rent arrears, disrepair & unfitness for human habitation
  • Dispute over monies due for breach of contract on termination of residential tenancy
  • Case involving squatters exercising rights of occupation
  • A case involving several male elderly residents being in conflict with the only female tenant
  • Various disputes arising from respective landlord /tenant obligations, including repair, nuisance, easements, service charges