Partnership / Shareholder

Businesses are formed with the best of intentions and with clear objectives for success but on occasion, relationships between partners, shareholders and directors can break down.

There are a number of reasons why, including personality clashes, differences of opinion, alleged criminal activity, strategy decisions or deals that have gone sour and the results can place real strain on the business as a whole, its resources and employees.

Disputes between business partners, shareholders and directors can be bitter affairs, especially if family is involved, and coupled with the costs of litigation, representation and the disastrous effects conflict can have on profitability and productivity, more and more disputes are being settled by mediation.

Global Mediation’s team of experienced mediators adopt an independent and impartial approach to help the parties explore the contentious issues and provide a structured framework that provides the basis for discussions and gives each party the best possible opportunity to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

It’s also important to note that our mediators look at not only helping to resolve the business issues you face, but also to repairing relationships and rebuilding trust in order for your business to carry on operating at optimum capacity. In addition, mediation is private and confidential and will avoid any unwanted or negative publicity.

Litigation is costly both financially and on a personal level and is more formal and adversarial than using a skilled mediator. Mediation provides a comfortable environment for the parties to be listened to and understood with the focus being an outcome both parties can agree to and move forward.

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Examples of cases mediated

  • Partnership dispute between partners in an accountancy firm
  • Commercial property partnership dispute involving estranged family members
  • Partnership dispute involving the exclusion of a partner in a continuing partnership
  • Partnership differences within surveying firms
  • Dispute over goodwill following departure of a senior solicitor partner
  • Partnership business breakdown and dispute over distribution of property and business assets
  • Family property dispute over ownership
  • A disagreement between partners over the business and its direction as well as allegations of fraud
  • A dispute between business partners who are also members of the same family creating a conflict of interest within the company
  • Corporate and individuals seeking agreement over a partnership dispute
  • A number of co-ownership disputes
  • A case arising out of the division of assets on dissolution
  • A number of cases involving quasi partnership and Minority Shareholder actions
  • A number of disputes involving transfers and shareholder actions
  • A family business partnership which was being severed and they were in dispute over the ownership of a piece of land
  • Multiple disputes relating to clients and fees after the dissolving of a professional partnership
  • Dispute between a group of GPs and their funders, also involving partnership issues between GPs
  • Partnership dispute within business dealing in supply and design of display stands for commercial distribution. Claim to account for profits
  • A disagreement between partners over the valuation of company shareholding