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Professional Negligence

Global Mediation has mediated in a number of professional negligence cases. Examples include –

  • Allegation by a client about inadequate advice and representation given by his former solicitor
  • Allegations of negligent dental treatment
  • Dispute over unnecessary and improper veterinary treatment
  • Dispute arising from a banker’s negligence
  • Claim against a barrister arising out of criminal proceedings
  • A professional negligence claim against a firm of accountants arising out of a tax planning dispute
  • A number of disputes about property design between architects and local councils
  • A malpractice compensation claim against a surgeon who carried out a caesarean section without an anaesthetic
  • A claim against a surveyor arising out of a defective property valuation
  • A claim against a firm of accountants for breaches of duty and failure to keep proper accounts
  • A case involving repeated and negligent failure to identify cancer
  • Appeal by county council against a judgment it was liable for the negligence of an educational psychologist in omitting to make a special educational needs recommendation
  • Claim against a Middle Eastern private banker for the payment of monies debited from claimant’s account, which the banker described as gifts
  • Complex three party mediation in which a publican had a claim against her former landlord, and Solicitors were also involved as third parties as it was alleged they had given negligent advice in relation to the pub lease
  • Dispute between client and his former Solicitor regarding allegation of negligent advice about employment law claim
  • Complex and emotional claim by property owner against mortgage adviser, with issues as to whether there was a duty of care
  • Professional negligence dispute between residential purchasers and conveyancing solicitors
  • Dispute over fees for accountancy services with counterclaim in professional negligence

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Mediators that specialise in Professional Negligence

Adam Gersch

Managing Director

Adam is Global Mediation\'s MD as well as Head of Argent Law Mediation Team. A criminal barrister, he established Global Mediation in 2001 and his ability to manage complex cases coupled with his personable approach, creativity and lateral thought processes is both respected and sought-after.

Alan Newman QC


A highly experienced Queen\'s Counsel appointed in 1989 and Recorder Judge qualified to practise law in the USA, Alan is a very highly regarded and much sought after mediator with extensive experience across all forms of mediation, including complex and high profile cases in the UK and abroad.

Ewan Malcolm


An experienced mediator who has worked internationally, Ewan encourages co-operation in joint problem solving and uses a wide range of sophisticated mediation strategies to effect resolution. His courteous manner compliments his tenacity and patience with parties looking to find agreeable solutions.

Jane Gunn


An internationally regarded mediator, Jane has a natural affinity with users of mediation and provides valuable insight and wisdom into how to identify and manage conflict before it escalates. She tests parties? positions using diplomacy skills and reality checking as encouragement to settle.

Janick Fielding


Janick is an experienced barrister and possesses all the attributes required in a successful mediator. He believes in facilitative mediation as opposed to litigation and he can be relied upon to maintain focus, keep the mediation on track and will help the parties to find a successful resolution.

Jeremy Connell


Jeremy successfully manages the mediation process through a combination of acute listening and subtle yet effective intervention. He has an ability to quickly establish a constructive rapport with both parties in dispute through building trust and an unwavering commitment to dispute resolution.

Sally Ruthen


With legal and psychological experience, Sally is a reputable and successful mediator who approaches each case with versatility and confidence. She quickly appreciates the issues, needs and interests of both parties and projects a positive outlook enabling them to settle their disputes fairly.

Sally Thompson


Sally is a practising barrister who is highly coveted for her ability to achieve creative settlements in the most challenging of cases. Her approach is flexible and tailored to the individual requirements of each mediation and she looks for principled solutions to move towards a lasting resolution.