Mediation Observation Package

SEND Mediation Observation

£250 +VAT per observation
DBS check is included in the price

1 x mediation observation led by an accredited, experienced SEND mediator. The mediation will have been referred to Global Mediation due to a disagreement about:

• A decision not to carry out a needs assessment or re-assessment for a child or young person
• The decision not to issue an Education Health Care Plan following an assessment for a child
• The description of a child or young person’s SEN specified in an EHC plan, the special educational provision specified, the school or other institution or type of school or other institution (such as a mainstream school / college) specified in the plan or that no school or other institution is specified
• An amendment to these elements of the EHC plan
• A decision by the local authority not to amend the EHC plan following a review or re-assessment
• A decision by a local authority to cease to maintain an EHC plan

And may require the observer to travel a reasonable distance to the venue at their own expense. It is essential that the observer pass the DBS screening prior to the observation. This will be arranged by Global Mediation and the price included.
It is essential that the observer agrees to and complies with all matters relating to confidentiality prior to, during and after the mediation meeting. Notes will be anonymised and retain no direct reference to the case. The observer must refrain from making comment, nor taking any active role during the mediation unless specifically asked by the mediator. They should declare any conflict of interest. The observer should dress in smart attire and maintain a high standard of professionalism at all times, and be aware of the potential for anxiety, stress and emotion to be experienced and displayed by the participants.
The cost of the observation will include briefing with the lead mediator prior to the meeting, and a debrief following the mediation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details or to book an observation: