Global Mediation offers a range of commercial and financial mediation services for businesses and individuals –
  • Business & Commercial Mediation
  • Finance, Banking & HMRC Mediation
  • Fraud & Money Laundering Mediation
  • Insurance & Reinsurance Mediation
  • Tax & Trusts Mediation
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Tax & Trusts

The law relating to tax and trusteeships is incredibly complex and from time to time, it is inevitable issues and…
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Insurance / Reinsurance

Global Mediation has mediated in a number of insurance and reinsurance cases. Examples include a case involving a disagreement about…
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Fraud / Money Laundering

Global Mediation has mediated in a number of fraud and money laundering cases. Examples include – A case involving a…
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Finance / Banking / HMRC

The banking and finance sector has come under the spotlight of consumers and regulators in recent years and has attracted…
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Business / Commercial / Contracts

It’s in the nature of business that disputes will often happen and if they’re not dealt with quickly and efficiently,…
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