Mediators’ training workshop

Our mediators recently enjoyed another one of our bi-annual training workshops.

As part of a varied training programme, actors from ProActive Productions brought to life an anonymised case study, during which mediators were able to use their skills to work together to help resolve a real case, sharing their vast knowledge, experience and skills.

Mediators felt the role play was “a practical way of letting mediators see different approaches and styles” and their feedback noted that they “appreciated the depth of insight offered by actors after the simulation”. Mediators found the training was “well-facilitated”, the “networking and case study was most useful” and they reported that “it was good to know what the future is likely to hold” after a presentation about how the new Children and Families Bill may affect SEN mediations and how Global Mediation is working with the DfE and SEND during this period of change.

The photos below capture some of the workshop in action.


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