Consumer Issues

Global Mediation has mediated in a number of consumer cases. Examples include –

  • Numerous cases in involving issues of unsatisfactory goods and claims that can be made under consumer protection legislation
  • A number of cases involving disagreements regarding fitness for purpose of products
  • A number of cases where the dispute arises out of the merchantability of products
  • A number of false description claims
  • Dispute between a couple and a national holiday company, with allegations that the holiday was not ‘fit for purpose’
  • Dispute between an individual and mortgage adviser with allegations of breach of duty of care
  • Dispute between an individual and builder regarding kitchen installation
  • Dispute between homeowner and waterproofing installers/manufacturers regarding ingress of water and where responsibility for this lay
  • Dispute between homeowners and double glazing installers, with non-payment of invoices and allegations of faulty workmanship
  • Dispute arising from the contractual terms of the sales or commission of insurance policies

For more information on Global Mediation’s consumer mediation service, please contact us.