Global Mediation has mediated in a number of discrimination cases. Examples include –

  • Sexual discrimination claim against a large chain of restaurants
  • Sexual discrimination claim by a passenger of an airline
  • A racial discrimination claim by an employee
  • Cases involving bullying and harassment claims
  • Sexual discrimination claim following a pregnancy and bullying at work
  • A number of sex, age and disability discrimination claims
  • A case of wrongful arrest, unlawful detention and malicious prosecution against the police on the grounds of racial discrimination
  • A disability discrimination claim by an employee against a leading UK sports organisation
  • A disability discrimination claim by a senior official against two NHS bodies. Agreement provided for a review of procedures in relation to disability and grievances
  • Claim by a group of students against a university and guild of students on the grounds of racial and religious discrimination. Settlement included provisions designed to prevent similar claims arising in the future
  • Employee disability discrimination claim relating to sports
  • Employment tribunal claim against National Health Service Appointments Commission and Mental Health Act Commission for disability discrimination in not re-appointing claimant to a senior position

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