Professional Negligence

Global Mediation has mediated in a number of professional negligence cases. Examples include –

  • Allegation by a client about inadequate advice and representation given by his former solicitor
  • Allegations of negligent dental treatment
  • Dispute over unnecessary and improper veterinary treatment
  • Dispute arising from a banker’s negligence
  • Claim against a barrister arising out of criminal proceedings
  • A professional negligence claim against a firm of accountants arising out of a tax planning dispute
  • A number of disputes about property design between architects and local councils
  • A malpractice compensation claim against a surgeon who carried out a caesarean section without an anaesthetic
  • A claim against a surveyor arising out of a defective property valuation
  • A claim against a firm of accountants for breaches of duty and failure to keep proper accounts
  • A case involving repeated and negligent failure to identify cancer
  • Appeal by county council against a judgment it was liable for the negligence of an educational psychologist in omitting to make a special educational needs recommendation
  • Claim against a Middle Eastern private banker for the payment of monies debited from claimant’s account, which the banker described as gifts
  • Complex three party mediation in which a publican had a claim against her former landlord, and Solicitors were also involved as third parties as it was alleged they had given negligent advice in relation to the pub lease
  • Dispute between client and his former Solicitor regarding allegation of negligent advice about employment law claim
  • Complex and emotional claim by property owner against mortgage adviser, with issues as to whether there was a duty of care
  • Professional negligence dispute between residential purchasers and conveyancing solicitors
  • Dispute over fees for accountancy services with counterclaim in professional negligence

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