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Martha Monday

Martha has been on the Global Mediation panel as an accredited mediator since its inception in 1999. In April 2016 she was assigned the role of In -House Mediator and in April 2018 became Acting Director.  As well as carrying out direct mediations in all regions, her role involves local authority liaison, marketing and training.

Martha has extensive mediation experience, having been mediating on a regular basis since 1998. She practised simultaneously as a family law barrister for 16 years and has a Masters in Law, but has recently resigned from the Bar to concentrate upon her mediation practice, preferring the investigative, empowering and non-adversarial approach offered by this process of dispute resolution.  Assisted by her honed listening and negotiation skills, she has an exceptional track record of successful mediations.  Martha conveys a degree of empathy, whilst remaining alert to the needs of all participants to find fair, practical solutions.

‘Global has an excellent reputation and is well established in its field; its professionalism and smooth organisation is appreciated by clients on both sides of the table’

Martha is an enthusiastic horsewoman and enjoys country walks with her two dogs.


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Martha Monday