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Polly Walker

Co-Director of Training Courses

Polly’s background is in education, specifically teaching children and young people permanently excluded from their mainstream schools, many of whom experienced complex emotional and behavioural difficulties. Working in this environment frequently presented Polly with situations of high conflict and rapidly escalating hostility that required empathy, respect and the ability to communicate with great skill, and enabled her to train and practise Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Techniques, Restorative Approaches, and later to take a formal accreditation in Alternative Dispute Resolution, becoming a qualified mediator in 2007. Polly joined the Global Mediation Panel in 2015, and became a Specialist Mediator in 2018.

Since then, Polly has worked extensively as a community, workplace and Special Educational Needs and Disability Mediator, as well as delivering mediation focused training across the private, public and voluntary sector. She has worked as a Peer Mediator teacher in schools, helping children learn how to manage and overcome conflict. She has successfully mediated numerous cases in which both parties were entrenched in longstanding disputes regarding bullying, harassment and employee relations, as well as those in which all hope for anything other than grievance and disciplinary measures were lost. Polly is extremely passionate about mediation, viewing the process as a valuable opportunity for empowerment, cohesive problem solving and the development of positive communication and mutual understanding. She is committed to all matters of social inclusion and as a result, became a published children’s author, having written and illustrated two children’s stories with themes around diversity, self-esteem, and disagreement resolution.


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Polly Walker